Here is a family that can help Asian and other international scholars settle and study in one of the best student cities in beautiful New Zealand

phone at
(643) 360-2394

Brent and Leanne Mora with their daughters Victoria and April: caring services in education and homestay

The Moras would be pleased to help you or your children find appropriate homestay and education services in Christchurch .

More than that, they give ongoing care and support for students with their education services programme.

International Student Care has a long history of providing quality pastoral care to international students.

It has developed strong professional relationships with leading education providers in Christchurch, such as the University Of Canterbury, Lincoln University and Christchurch Girls High School.

Brent and leanne live in Christchurch, a university city with many fine parks and high schools. It is an ideal place for Asian and other international students to succeed in their study.

Both Brent and Leanne Mora have grown up in the traditional New Zealand family environment, having been schooled in the Christchurch education system to the tertiary level. Both are aware of the importance of a safe living environment and the positive effects it has on a studentís academic success.

Leanne is a registered teacher with over 20 yearís experience. Brentís background is 19 years in the New Zealand Police Force, which included many years experience delivering educational and law related programmes to the Christchurch Schooling community.

Brent and Leanneís backgrounds ensure their understanding of international students, their families and culture. Leanne had two years schooling in Malaysia as a child which created many fond memories.

Brent and Leanne adhere to the procedures outlined in the Ministry of Education Code of Practice for the pastoral care of international students.

A copy of the code is available here, on the New Zealand Ministry of Education website.

International Student Care provides;

  • Helping parents and students select the high school, university or language school most suited to their need
  • Assist with student visa applications
  • Meet students at the airport on arrival
  • Provide clean, safe and friendly homestays
  • Provide ongoing care and support for the student
  • Arrange health insurance, travel and banking needs
  • Attend parent/teacher interviews
  • Send progress reports to parents of students
  • Arrange school holiday groups to learn English and enjoy recreation
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