First Language Assistants

We have experienced First Language Assistants who give personal help to the students we care for, while they are studying at Christchurch Girls' High School.

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Kyunghee is an experienced student counselor. Kyunghee joined International Student Care Limited two years ago after a successful career in teaching in Korea.

She is actively involved with all Korean students attending Christchurch Girls' High School under the guardianship of International Student Care Limited. Kyunghee is an experienced Korean-English interpreter and translator.

She will meet regularly with each student and provide ongoing reports to parents.

Lek is the Thai councellor for International Student Care Ltd. Lek is from Bangkok, Thailand, she came to New Zealand in 1984 and completed her secondary education at Christchurch Girls High School. Lek then went on to study at the University of Canterbury and graduated with the Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. With her experience as a foreign student Lek identifies the challenges faced by students who have left home to study.

Lek has been working as a student Councellor for International Student care for three years. She meets and works with Thai students, keeping up communication with parents, the school and homestays. Lek also meets with Vietnamese and Korean students.

Lek has a passion to see International students settle well into their homestays, adjust to New Zealand culture and succeed in their goals as students. Please do not hesitate to contact her for further information.