Newsletter: help when you come to NZ to study

When Studying English Overseas

If you are thinking of going overseas to study English, then the
choices are limitless. Not only do you have the choice of several
countries but also what city in that country, and then what language
school in that city. No doubt you have obtained brochures and information concerning several language schools and most of them look good!
To help you succeed in making the right choice, there are three important aspects in making your study a success.  Keeping these three aspects in mind will help you choose. The three aspects are:
Right language school
Correct curriculum
Supportive homestay family
All three aspects are important and need to be in place. If one aspect is missing, or unsuitable, then your studying overseas might not accomplish your desired goal.
For example, if the school is modern, friendly, etc. but the particular course in which you enrolled does not suit your goals, then your success is impeded.
Or, if the curriculum is what you need but the school facilities are sub-standard and unfriendly, then this could hinder your learning and success.
If the Homestay accommodation is unsuitable and you feel unhappy staying there, then this also will effect your being successful.
On the other hand, when the language school is clean and modern with well-lit classrooms, when well-qualified teachers have creative and innovated teaching methods and the curriculum is in line with your desired goals, and the homestay accommodation is friendly and supportive, then your success will be greatly enhanced.
Of course, ultimately your success will also depend upon your personal effort.
Learning English overseas can be a great and positive experience: you improve your English, experience living in another culture, make new friends from many countries, and have the opportunity to explore new recreational pursuits like skiing, horseback riding, bungy-jumping, jet boating and other exciting things.

Robin Hadfield