Int'l Student Care


Every selected Homestay family is personally interviewed by ourselves. Only the Homestays that meet our required standard are placed on our data base. People of all ages use our homestay service: high school and university students, and young professionals on working holidays.

Homestay includes:
meeting at airport and transport to homestay
private bedroom with bed, desk, lamp,wardrobe and heater
bathroom facilities
three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner
laundry service.

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Homestays that help

Eun-Joo Oh: from Korea

"Hi! In my homestay there are two children. A six-year-old girl and a 10-year-old boy. It was easier to talk with the kids than adults at first. But now I like talking to this family. The kids helped a lot for getting used to the family.

The host parents are very nice and take good care of everything I ask them. They make the best choice for me. They also help sometimes with my homework. There are good meals every day. They are a musical family. Thomas plays the piano and clarinet. It is very nice to listen to. They treat me as one of the family.

My homestay is near my school, city and library. It is quiet at night, no sound of cars passing. Being in a homestay is good for practicing English and having lots of conversations. It was difficult at first because of homesickness and school work, but then I managed quite well. The children helped me to get rid of homesickness and the host parents helped me out with my school work."
Eun-Joo Oh





For the Student

Link international students with New Zealand High Schools and Universities.
Complete all the enrollment work required by the student's High School.
Liaise with government departments regarding visa, passports and other essentials.
Assist with health insurance, travel and banking needs.
Provide ongoing care and support for the students in their personal integration with their High School and homestay family.
Meet and assist at the airport on arrival.
Guarantee a quality host family for the student.
Arrange extra tuition if necessary.

For the Parents

Provide regular contact with parents regarding the student's progress.
Where parents visit New Zealand, assist with travel, accommodation, meetings with teachers and officials, and tours.

In the Homestay

Select a quality homestay family.
Maintain regular communication and quality control with the homestay family.

At the School

Maintain regular communication with the school.
Attend parent/teacher interviews.
Attend school functions.
Represent the student as a neutral party if any difficulties arise.


Many international students have difficulty in adjusting to the climate, isolation and cultural differences of New Zealand. Our International Student Care (ISC) service is designed to minimize these problems.

ISC builds a relationship with each student to assist them integrating into New Zealand schools.

ISC provides a speaker in the student's national language should the need arise.

ISC gives the homestay family a support network.

ISC ensures effective liaison between the student, high school and homestay family.

ISC brings peace of mind for parents, knowing that proper care and genuine support is there for their son or daughter.


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